What We Do.


Our team has worked incredibly hard to create a product you can be proud of and engineered a one of a kind nutritional program software. We believe in giving our partners generous commissions and providing them with elite support. Although we do have a dedicated staff for you to rely on, the setup process is completely automated, taking only about 10 minutes. The great part about KMSN is that you never pay us a dime; we are the ones sending you the checks. With our help, you can leverage the work you have already done and add another revenue stream today.

KM Sports Nutrition is a software company, providing a platform for our clients to offer tailored nutrition plans. Whether you're a gym, social media influencer, or trainer; KMSN can help you gain another source of revenue. Our advanced algorithm creates your customers' customized meal guide with your personal brand seamlessly integrated into every plan. Your customers will also receive eight video lessons on nutrition, and a grocery list educating them on how to lead a healthier lifestyle going forward. To aid you on your journey to good health, we have top of the line nutrition experts like Kristy Morrell, the head dietitian for the Los Angeles Kings. 

The Custom Meal Program

We have designed a system to take into account a variety of variables when formulating your custom nutritional blueprint. Our meal plans allow for flexibility with ingredients and work on an exchange system so you can stick to the foods you love. Are you eating fish tonight? We will tell you how much you can eat! The plans also come with eight educational video lessons featuring our in-house nutritionist Kristy Morell, and a grocery list according to your plan specifications.