Get Recruited.

Hit Performance Goals.


Why Don’t You Look Like a College Athlete?

The Answer Might Surprise You...

You see your favorite college players, imagine yourself in front of screaming fans. Those players are lean, strong, and powerful— but they weren’t born that way. So how did they get there? Training isn’t nearly enough. You need the right fuel to transform.


Lose fat, build functional muscle. Jump higher, run longer, sprint faster— whatever your goals, the right nutrition will help you get there.


Take the guesswork away. Let us be your personal nutritionist— no $300/hr consultations, just 15 minutes to get started, and you get the expertise of world-class nutritionist for the LA Kings, Kristy Morrel.


What You Get With KM Sports Nutrition

  • An easy-to-follow, customized meal plan for your body and goals

  • Complete video program with 8 in-depth lessons

  • 2 months of included support

  • Personalized messages along the way to keep you accountable

  • The chance to lose weight, gain muscle, and prevent injuries while moving towards your ultimate goals

Don’t let poor nutrition or a lack of direction keep you from making the team, getting recruited, or hitting your ultimate performance goals. Reach your athletic potential today, with KM Sports Nutrition.

Custom Program For your body and Goals

You pick the foods you want to eat, we tell you exactly how much to eat and when. It’s that simple. We’ll help you break down your macronutrient needs for the best performance based on your unique body and goals, then tell you which portion sizes you need of the foods you already enjoy.

How it Works?

Video Lesson


Your program also comes with a series of 8 video lessons designed to help you learn healthy long-term habits, including tips for recovery, weight loss, muscle gain, and more. That way, you’ll always know where to start— and how to obtain success.

KRisty Morrell

Your Secret Weapon

Kristy’s reputation as a world-class nutritionist began well before her current position as the head nutritionist for the L.A. Kings pro hockey team. Working with professional athletes on a daily basis, Kristy knows the ins and outs of meeting fitness goals while keeping energy up for maximum performance.

Support to Keep you Going

Our Why?

Clark Lindsey, our founder, wanted to play competitive lacrosse in college and beyond. But he just didn’t have the size or strength he needed to reach his goals, and he was forced to choose between a nutritionist for $200/hour or free meal trackers that were ineffective and hard to follow.


He wanted a meal plan built on science, proven to work, and supported by ongoing motivation without the price tag of a nutritionist. That’s when he began working with Kristy Morrell, the L.A. Kings’ head nutritionist, to create a better way. KM Sports Nutrition was born.

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