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About US

We’re a passionate team of former Student Athletes doing everything we can to help the next generation learn from the latest best practices in health and nutrition to become top performers.

How We Help

Everything we do at KMSN is designed to help Student Athletes take their game to the next level. From our own experience, we’ve found that too much attention tends to get placed on “practice makes perfect” and endless workout sessions in the gym. Don’t get us wrong – training is critical for athletes to improve – but more often than not, Student Athletes in particular, place too much emphasis on training and too little time focused on their nutrition.

That’s why we have partnered with some of the world’s leading professional nutritionists to make it simple for any Student Athlete to get Custom Nutrition advice, and easy to follow personalized eating and hydration plans. Our philosophy is straightforward, equal emphasis on training and nutrition produces the best results – especially for Student Athletes looking to gain an edge to make the team or become part of the starting line up.


We’ve spent years looking at the options for health and nutrition

guidance and they aren’t great:

  • 1x1 sessions with a professional nutritionist can be extremely effective, but they’re REALLY EXPENSIVE
  • Fitness and Nutrition “Influencers” sell a range of information products online, but just because they look fit doesn’t make them qualified to design programs for you
  • Calorie counters and other generic fitness apps are hard to stick to and don’t provide the real support you need to be successful over the long term

That’s why we’ve developed an innovative model to partnering with nutritionists that helps you get the benefits of working with a professional nutritionist but at a fraction of the cost. Who’s on our team? Meet Kristy Morrell, Nutritionist for the Los Angeles Kings and former nutritionist for USC athletics. When you choose KMSN, you’re not getting nutrition advice from a random online fitness influencer, you access the professional expertise of top nutritionists like Kristy – advice that’s grounded in years of professional experience working with elite performers that’s tailored specifically for you to help reach your goals.

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