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Monetize your social media account instantly, by offering your followers a completely customized meal program. Our software takes care of everything and allows you to check your sales from your computer or phone.


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It's Yours

Our software generates a custom website connected to your private portal upon sign up. This allows you to include your unique branding within the website.

Win Win

We believe in fairness. We never ask you to pay us a dime, ever. When you partner with KMSN, you are joining a group of dedicated entrepreneurs who want to see you succeed.

We offer our influencer partners generous commissions paid at the end of every month. If you need assistance, you can always call us for business advice or marketing support. If you're happy, then we are too. 

Elite Partship

You are partnering with us. As part of that partnership, you are gaining the world-class knowledge of Kristy Morrell the head nutritionist for the L.A. Kings NHL team. You are giving your followers the opportunity to eat like an elite athlete at the highest level of sports. You can promise them that they are receiving the highest quality product and the best advice on the market. We are proud of what we provide, and you can be too.  

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