The Product

Custom Meal Plan

Bring your customers the best in nutrition

Offer your customers pro-level meal plans at a competitive price. Our smart algorithm makes your customers customized meal plans automatically. The meal plan adapts to their inputs and will either help them gain or lose weight depending on their goal. The plans also allow for a great deal of variability. Unlike traditional meal plans, users are not restricted to specific ingredients. The meal plan instead informs them exactly how much they should be consuming of each selected food. 

Video Lessons


Our goal isn't just to help you provide meal plans, but also to educate your users. We have found that if people understand why they are eating a certain way, they are more likely to stick to the program. Our eight comprehensive video lessons come free with every meal plan and cover a range of topics, from weight loss to muscle gain to recovery. Kristy Morrell, the head dietitian of the L.A. Kings, lets you in on the secrets to how professional athletes eat.